title iconThere is a new glitch in Breath of the Wild that allows you to supercharge and reshape weapons

The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild might have an upcoming sequel, but there is still a lot to explore. Nintendo's open-world RPG continues to surprise players five years after its release. This week, glitch hunters discovered a game-breaking exploit Weapon modifiers can now be rewritten. The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild is one of the most famous games on the Nintendo Switch, released in 2017. As opposed to many similar games, including both previous Legend of Zelda entries as well as BotW's own open-world competitors, the game gives you a toolkit and a playground and lets you go wild.

Over the last five years, these players have spent their time hunting glitches, creating exploits, and generally pushing the game to the edge, building upon each other's knowledge. Over the years, players have learned how to "infinite jump." They've opened "impossible" chests by decompiling Zelda's code. Leoelitino's massive code decompilation project has spurred a trove of further discoveries. There's even a way for them to glide across the map. An inventory slot transfer (IST) method is responsible for the glitch in question. The IST glitch, discovered by BotW glitch-hunter zxrobin last month, allows you to move items between save files - making it possible to start every playthrough with an all-new set of weapons.

The Weapon Modifier Transfer (WMT) takes this one step further, adding staggering stat bonuses to weapons across save files without the need for modding or hacking. Cooking items, however, must be collected in large quantities. Here is a quick rundown provided by BotW glitch-hunter El Duende 5. “I think this might be the most game-breaking glitch ever,” a YouTube commenter said.“I think they're right,” El Duende told Kotaku over Discord. This claim has been supported by some of the results so far. A broadsword that turns into a cyclone has been created by players to enhance, Link's Master Sword can take care of enemies even in Hyrule Castle, even high-level enemies El Duende believes that the Bow of Light would probably be the best weapon to enhance since it has infinite ammunition and is not affected by BotW's notorious durability feature.

Currently, El Duende says there is no full tutorial available for WMT, as the community has not worked out all the kinks and is still figuring out how the issue works. As a beginner, the IST exploit must be forced to apply Link's culinary concoctions to weapons in your key item slots. “When you load another file, IST can fail to delete a number of items from your inventory,” he said. Make sure you have 60 meals (the maximum under typical conditions) and two key items. Remove any empty inventory slots between your meals tab and the specific item you wish to enhance. The effects of the meal will appear in the last slot of the key item in your next save file.

Some players, such as popular Zelda speedrunner Satougashi, are compiling weapon 'recipes'. Adding an endura carrot to four raw gourmet meat increases a shield's durability. Adding this to the Hylian Shield will push its rating well beyond 1160. Meanwhile, a mighty thistle and four raw gourmet meat can enhance the spread effect of your bow; here's how a player applied it to eliminate two devastatingly powerful Guardian enemies in one shot.I am worried that Nintendo is considering all this and tightening things up so much that the game will become less fun," El Duende said. Nevertheless, I think we'll find other stuff, just like we did with the first game. There is only a matter of time."