title iconThere was another change to Mercy's super jump in Overwatch 2's beta

Overwatch 2 PVP players need to get accustomed to some new changes since the latest update was released on Monday. Mercy's Super Jump is one of the major revamps. It's been something the devs have been trying to incorporate into the support hero's kit throughout Overwatch 2 betas, and now they're going for it again. Watchpoint Pack Includes Skins, Beta Access, And Other Perks By Kris Holta $40 Overwatch 2 pack includes guaranteed beta access, skins, and other perks Kris HoltMercy cannot automatically activate Super Jump when she reaches an ally with Guardian Angel. That approach wasn't as successful as Blizzard had hoped at the beginning of this beta. I found it very strange that Super Jump was activated after a slight delay.

As Mercy approaches an ally, a meter will build up. When you hit the jump button, Mercy will launch on the trajectory you specify. You can point her upwards as well. The more charge on her meter, the faster her launch speed. With a backward button held down, Mercy can reverse direction if Guardian Angel is canceled with a jump."The previous version of Guardian Angel gave the player less control overall, causing Mercy to enter danger or leave Resurrect range," Team 4 said in the developer comments. Despite vertical mobility, this version maintains player intent without compromising control input simplicity. Unfortunately, this is not a solution either. Consequently, Super Jump becomes clunky and difficult to control. The last iteration of Guardian Angel made slingshotting beyond an ally relatively easy.

When Mercy has to be aimed and you have to look away from enemies or allies, you're distracted from everything else. Additionally, console players with low sensitivity won't be able to control the ability easily. Mercy also doesn't seem to get the same amount of height as before. Mercy players will now be able to use Super Jump more easily, as previously it required a complex series of inputs and pretty precise timing. I'm totally on board with that in theory. Nevertheless, Team 4 needs to iterate a bit more since the ability does not feel right at the moment. I like the changes to the console display! While I haven't seen how the game looks on PS5, I have heard good things about it. Overwatch 2's second PVP beta will run until July 18. Before Overwatch 2 launches on October 4, there will be one more beta.