title iconThis new Spy x Family dodgeball game lets you test your skills as Anya

Fans can relive one of the anime's best episodes by playing a dodgeball web game on the official Spy x Family website.Fans of the anime series Spy x Family can now play a dodgeball web game where they can play as Anya. You are encouraged to tweet about your best results by the team.

As indicated by the troves of fans raving about it on Twitter, Spy X Family's official website recently posted a web game inspired by its dodge ball-centered episode. Google Translate will make it easy for you to understand the instructions even though the website is in Japanese and its special prize period has passed.

Aside from Google Translate, the game is very straightforward, as players must press one of three buttons, each representing a different action or direction. The ball will be thrown in the direction that is predicted by Anya's reading of the opponent's mind. If you want to make a "super shot", you'll have to duck with the center button. Anyone can lose with just one hit, but with Anya's mind-reading abilities on their side, how can they lose?

While it's a very simple game, it's actually quite challenging, and it's particularly easy to end up with the game overscreen within moments of starting it. Those who have seen the episode that inspired the game may recall Anya's fierce battle with Bill Watkins, the behemoth of the opposing team. Maybe this game will keep fans entertained until the next season comes out in October.

Many anime fans were won over by Spy x Family as soon as it was released. This show blends slice-of-life elements with action and comedy to create a very light, yet exciting viewing experience. This web game was inspired by the dodgeball episode of the first season, one of the best of the season.

Despite the hype, some viewers have not been wowed by the show. Although the series does many things well, it doesn't introduce any new concepts nor is it groundbreaking. MyAnimeList ranks Spy x Family's first season as the 30th best anime of all time, so there is plenty of room to argue that the series has received more attention than it deserves. Currently, Spy x Family appears to be one of the biggest movies of the year.

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