title iconValorous' custom crosshair colors are coming soon, a leaker claims

A prominent leaker claims Valorant will offer more customization when it comes to crosshairs. There are rumors that Riot Games is looking to give you full-color customization instead of just eight-color presets.

Even though you can currently create the perfect shape for your best Valorant crosshair, you're sadly limited to just a few preset colors. In the future, ValorLeaks says you'll be able to set your custom color, which will soon be a thing of the past.

As of now, it's unclear exactly how color customization will expand - Riot can simply add a bunch of preset colors to give players more choices, or we can get access to a fully-customizable system where we can pick the exact tone or shade of color we want for our crosshairs using hex codes or RGB sliders. As for how far away this long-requested feature is from being implemented, ValorLeaks does not provide any information.

Players who have grown tired of waiting for this feature have created their custom crosshair colors using third-party software, although this entails risks since these are not endorsed by Riot. Earlier this year, Riot added share codes to make it easier for players to share custom crosshairs, making it easier to replicate crosshairs they like.

It is hoped that we will get some official information on this upcoming feature shortly. Meanwhile, you can check out our Valorant tier list to see who is currently running the meta.