title iconWe have details on Volume 1 of Xenoblade Chronicles 3, and teases about Volume 2

As of July 29th, 2022, Xenoblade Chronicles, 3 will be released just over two weeks from now, and it has an Expansion Pass available at launch, with Volume 1 being available at launch. The game is set to release on July 29th, 2022. Several new pictures have recently been released that show off some of the cosmetic items that players can expect to see in-game. In Volume 1, there is a section titled "Adventure Support Pack" that contains helpful items, accessories, and clothing for adventure-minded people. I have selected a few images from the game detailing Volume 1 for your viewing enjoyment, so beware of potential spoilers!

Monolith Soft has also teased players in a series of Twitter messages about what they expect from Volume 2 of the expansion pack in a series of Tweets. It has been revealed in the image below that a new hero will be included as well as challenge battles. Volume 2 is planned for release before the end of 2022. Continuing in the same vein of Tweets, the developers have now revealed some details about the aforementioned clothing that will be featured in Volume 1. A screenshot gallery can be seen below which includes screenshots showcasing new outfits for some of the game's key characters.