title iconWho Is Fatum Alford, Shereé Whitfield's Close Friend?

There is a lot of interest among RHOA fans in Fatum Alford, a close friend of Sheree Whitfield. Getting to know this glam pal is a pleasure. Shereé Whitfield's return to The Real Housewives of Atlanta has been met with drama and petty arguments, but with Fatum Alford by her side, she seems to be handling everything much better than she did in the past.

In the wake of Fatum's RHOA debut, during Kenya Moore's lavish birthday celebration for Brooklyn Daly, fans became curious about the glam pal. In addition to knowing her as Shereé's best friend, they want to know more about her as a person. Shereé made her RHOA debut in season one.

During her divorce from her ex-husband, Bob Whitfield, fans gained an intimate look into her life. As a "friend of" in season 8 of the show, she returned in season 4 after leaving in season 4. She joined the cast of The Real Housewives of Atlanta season 9 as a full-time member.

Nevertheless, Shereé's return to RHOA season 9 was short-lived, and she shocked viewers by leaving again. Although fans don't know how long Shereé will be back for, they're still curious about some of the friendships she nurtured during her hiatus, even though she isn't Drew's friend.

Fatum is one of those close friends with whom Shereé revealed she is close during a confessional. However, Shereé doesn't remember how they met. Fatum is a single mother who was previously married to Stephen J. Alford, with whom she shares a son and daughter.

Fatum describes herself as a Muslim who is progressive, and she is part Somalian and part Arabian. It may be difficult for Shereé to recall exactly when her friendship with Fatum began, but they are close enough that Fatum occasionally brings her kids to Shereé's home.

Shereé has an impressive net worth, but Fatum's is unknown. Shereé wouldn't be hanging around someone with an empty wallet if Fatum's net worth wasn't disclosed yet, according to Distractify. Fatum has kept most of her life out of the public eye, so finding out much about her is difficult.

Even so, she isn't shy about peeping into other people's lives. Shereé revealed at Drew Sidora's party that she searched Ralph Pittman's background and discovered he has multiple aliases, suggesting that the couple may have shady business dealings.

Fans are hoping to see more of Fatum on The Real Housewives of Atlanta season 14. With her, Shereé has no problem sharing her feelings. In one instance, Shereé revealed to her that she was still very upset about her ex, Tyrone Gilliam.