title iconWith over 3 million units sold worldwide, Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak has become a global phenomenon

"The entire development team is deeply grateful" Capcom has revealed that over three million units have now been sold worldwide for Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak, and it appears that more hunters are stacking up on the skins by the week. The DLC expansion for Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak has now been sold over three million units around the world.

There has been a special illustration created by Yoshitake Suzuki and the Monster Hunter team to celebrate the release of Monster Hunter. In addition to the news that came out last week, Capcom revealed that the base game had already sold 2 million units worldwide since it was released, with the news that the base game had already sold 10 million units worldwide by that point.

It's likely that Capcom will follow up on this milestone with a special item pack just as they did with previous milestones. As Capcom has previously stated, it has been working on its first Title Update, scheduled for August. According to the game's roadmap for 2022, it will feature new monsters as well as a variety of other items that will be included in the update.