title iconIf NFL teams sign AB, Mayweather offers a $20 million wager

The season of NFL

"If they sign AB and AB plays through the season, no problem at all, and then they have to pay us $20 million."

Many considered Antonio Brown's NFL career to be over after the seven-time Pro Bowler abruptly left the Buccaneers' game against the Jets last season.

Hall of Fame boxer

Floyd Mayweather, a Hall of Fame boxer, believes the Super Bowl champion receiver deserves another chance in the league. Brown recently stated he wanted another chance in the NFL. Mayweather said Brown is "really misunderstood" on the Pivot podcast.

Sign AB and AB

Mayweather said he just wants fair treatment. "And this goes for any team that's watching right now.". I'll make a deal: if they sign AB, and AB goes through the whole season, no problems, then they have to pay us $20 million. But if he messes up, then we have to give them $20 million. Any team interested in matching that should reach out to us.

Mentor to Brown

In addition, Mayweather discussed how he has been a mentor to Brown throughout the process. He said he pushed Brown to be better. I pushed him to do great things. The things we talk about are real." 

Brown is currently not healthy and seeking another chance in the league. The injury to Brown's ankle, which caused the disconnect between him and the Buccaneers, has not yet been surgically repaired.


As recently as two weeks ago, Brown stated that if he could not play in the NFL again, he would not have the ankle surgery.

Brown told TMZ: "I need to get my ankle fixed, but I just want to make sure that I get an obligation or a commitment from a team." “Going into surgery without knowing where you're going to work is a lot for a guy."

It remains to be seen if Brown is given another chance. In any case, the boxing legend is behind him in terms of support.