title iconNFL owner David Tepper makes up only one of the ten richest sports owners

Comparing owners in the NFL, how are they rated? The owners would say, "By money." Ty Webb would say, "By height."One of the most notable owners is Panthers owner David Tepper. It's the only time an NFL owner appears on the list of the top-10 richest sports owners.

Tepper's value has increased by 15 percent since last year, to $16.7 billion.No. 1 in Los Angeles Lakers owner Steve Ballmer. His net worth is $91.4 billion.

See the full list here. In light of the expected skyrocketing value of NFL teams in the coming years, it's an important group to monitor. The folks on this list can afford NFL teams; most people cannot.

Tepper's latest news won't win him any sympathy in Charlotte as he squabbles with Rock Hill officials over funding for a new headquarters and practice facility. According to all appearances, Tepper is going to walk away from the project, and he will expect reimbursement for his expenses thus far.