title icon Disguise Kits and Weapon Schematics in Fortnite Season 2 Chapter 3

Week 3 comes to an end with the fourth and last Resistance quest. With this quest, we've gained quite a bit of XP, and there are a few more tasks to complete. You can use a disguise kit to place weapon schematics in the Synapse Station. The only place to do this in Synapse Station is in the “Establish Device Uplink near Synapse Station” area. 

There are three areas for you to do this within Synapse Station: How to Use a Disguise Kit and Place Weapon Schematics in it. Our hologram audio log will be available here, so you can get to the main objective: You can see the Disguise Kit behind you once you turn around. The Disguise Kit can be used to disguise yourself. Your map for the new objective shows two locations. Turn right at the objective marker pointing towards Synapse Station's main building. Ignore the marker on the left for now.

The weapon schematics should be placed in this small hallway after you enter the building. This is what the placement spot will look like up close: Here's what you need to do to place weapon schematics in Synapse Station and use a disguise kit. Your Resistance quests are now complete for this week. Watch for our guide to Fortnite Chapter 3 Season 2 Resistance quests in the coming week.