title iconGamer's Razer Headset saves his life after stopping bullets

Gamer's Razer Headset saves his life after stopping bullets

This week in some now viral posts, the owner of a Razer Kraken headset said that it appeared to have stopped a bullet to save the life of his gamer. Enough_Dance_956 provided a detailed account of the incident on the Razer subreddit along with a picture of the damaged headset and proof of the incident. The company also got in touch with Razer for thanks, and Razer reportedly sent them a replacement headset for the bullet-deflecting one.

Enough_Dance_956 said on Reddit

A Redditor posted the following images, which showed the Razer headset with a bullet hole which is believed to be due to the bullet in question. Images added to the post and comments provided additional evidence of the incident as well as a message attempting to reach out to Razer to thank them for the product.

"Hello to everyone who sees this. I'm trying to get a hold of someone at razer to thank them with all my heart," Enough_Dance_956 said on Reddit. "Wednesday morning at 10:30 am a stray bullet went through my window and hit the razer headphones on top of my head. If it wasn't for the headphones made with good quality I would've been a dead kid at the age of 18. I couldn't even imagine all the pain my family and friends would've been through."

Redditor if there were any concerns

In spite of the fact that the post appeared around April Fools' Day, the person who shared the images and the context assured people that the incident was real and not just a hoax. After filing a report, another post by the user showed some additional photos which included one of the bullet itself that they said had been picked up by police shortly after the filing.

In response to the Reddit post, Razer accounts offered to message the Redditor if there were any concerns. However, while the user only wanted to thank Razer for making such a quality headset and providing protection for their ears, many other forum members urged Razer to send a replacement headset to them. The Redditor also said he received a new headset from Razer within the week.