title iconThe Torrents Are What Make This Game Great - Elden Ring

Elden Ring's steed, Torrent

Elden Ring's steed, Torrent, gives players a lot of freedom, yet the controls aren't cumbersome.It is one of the fastest-selling games of all time and has received near-perfect to perfect reviews from many publications. The open-world title has won many awards, including Most Wanted and Most Anticipated Games. It's easy to see why fans and critics love this movie. The player has a lot of freedom in exploration in Elden Ring, and the challenges can be rewarding.

In spite of its open world, difficulty, and beautiful graphics, what makes the game so good is not just its open world. Elden Ring has the advantage of being quite entertaining to play. At the beginning of the game, players get a horse named Torrent. Torrent contributes a great deal to the game's greatness.

Skyrim's horses often die and attack enemies

There is usually more trouble than they are worth when it comes to video game horses. Skyrim's horses often die and attack enemies randomly, and the player must keep track of them. Shadow of the Colossus gives the horse suggestions instead of direct control (which is like riding a real horse, admittedly). Character banter cannot be used in Dragon Age: Inquisition and items cannot be scanned. The controls of Roach in The Witcher 3 are poorly designed and often get stuck.

As the only video game horse that can double jump and be summoned quickly, Torrent stands out from the crowd. In addition to this, the horse is not commonly killed, and items can even be used to heal it or resurrect it if necessary. Most players use horseback combat when it is available, as the controls are solid. Players can still pick up items and read messages. Furthermore, a torrent is unlikely to get stuck, especially since it is capable of double-jumping.

Elden Ring being so challenging

One Reddit user said the horse "feels like an extension of you" and another added that it can carry players through poison swamps without getting poisoned. With Elden Ring being so challenging, Torrent can outrun most bosses as well, making him feel like a security blanket.

Torrent gets dismounted from players when they take critical damage, and it won't let them jump off steep cliffs. Of course, if these problems were fixed, the game would be much easier, but that does not seem like something a true Soulsborne title would do. This series is notoriously difficult, so the ability to actually relax is a major benefit.

Why Elden Ring Is So Great In Connection With Torrent 

Having Elden Ring as a title has made it more accessible to others. Other Soulsborne games were too difficult for some players, but they are now enjoying Elden Ring. In addition to the torrent feature, the open world makes the game unique. It is just a Torrent ride away when a player gets stuck; there are tons more to do. Players can use Torrent to zoom past an enemy outside or a horseback battle will help them defeat it if it is difficult.It would not just be incredibly slow, but players would also miss out on a lot of freedom if Torrent were unavailable. The simple act of trying to play without a Torrent will result in a lot of frustration and death. Game developers should take note of Torrent's success, and hopefully, more steeds will follow suit.