title iconAndy Dalton was initially assigned a bizarre jersey number by the Saints

New Orleans Saints

New Orleans Saints players signed this offseason now know what jersey numbers they'll wear during the 2021 season, though they're subject to change as of yet. The Saints have assigned numbers to all but one of their free-agent signings - veteran safety Marcus Maye has yet to be given a jersey number on the team's official website. Among the strangest choices is the number currently worn by a backup quarterback as a defensive lineman

Andy Dalton

What? Yes, that's where Dalton is listed as of 5 pm Central Time on Wednesday, April 6. There's no guarantee Dalton will stick to No. 91 for long. It is still ineligible to be used by quarterbacks or anyone else in the nineties even though the NFL extended positional restrictions last year. This might be a similar procedural move to what the New England Patriots did last year with Mac Jones.

New Orleans Saints jersey numbers

As the Saints gather for training camp later this summer, he'll wear something less unusual, perhaps the same No. 14 jersey he's worn since his college days at TCU. Mark Ingram II could look to buy back either his No. 22 or 28 jerseys so Dalton can use one of those. This is a good choice. If Holtz can elbow his way into the competition for the fullback job, No. 88 would make a great number for a tight end. 81 and 82 could have been preferred, but Nick Vannett has No. 81, while Adam Trautman has No. 82. The number 95 was taken by Albert Huggins in the NFL, while the number 35 was ineligible for offensive linemen at NC State.

Jaleel Johnson

Cameron Jordan and David Onyemata are not giving up their Nos. 93 and 94 in the NFL. Landon Young, the first pick in the 2021 draft, wore No. 67 in college at Iowa, but that won't work either. I wouldn't mind seeing him stick with No. 59, even if it is unconventional for a defensive lineman. The number 59 will also be assigned to the backup linebacker Sharif Finch.

Taco Charlton

Let's be honest, this is a great choice. Charlton should wear 54 well as it is a perfect number for a defensive end or linebacker. He made the right decision. There are no notes.

S Justin Evans

Yes, this is fine. Evans has a new number after he wore 14 at Texas A&M and 21 with the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, but it's a timeless choice for a defensive back. If he stays healthy after a couple of years out of football, he'll be able to keep wearing it.

S Daniel Sorensen

What? That's a bit random. In college at BYU, Sorensen wore Nos. 44 and 9 while he was with the Kansas City Chiefs. During his many years with the Kansas City Chiefs, he wore No. 49. Obviously, Drew Brees' number 44 wasn't going to be worn by him (or anyone else), but it was available. However, Sorensen's aesthetic may have fit a more awkward fit during the forties, but this is still a great upgrade for any defensive back.