title iconEven with 'a thousand people working on it' the new game from No Man's Sky devs would feel impossible

 Ambitious nature of Hello Games'

"With Murray speaking on the ambitious nature of Hello Games' next project, it's hard not to naturally draw comparisons to No Man's Sky; Murray talked up the game at the time.

Murray talked up No Man's Sky

Murray talked up No Man's Sky prior to its release in 2016 as having a shared universe, a feature that was missing from the final version.

Game's objective

Other lackluster aspects included crashes and the time it took to reach the galaxy's center, the game's objective.

Six years on, and No Man's Sky

Six years on, and No Man's Sky has become light-years from where it first began, receiving a total of 19 significant updates since its launch in 2016.

Gameplay improvements

Each update brought with it a variety of gameplay improvements and changes. As an example, in this week's Outlaws update, new AI pilots were added to assist you in battle.