title iconFortnite cards from The Gathering are now available for pre-order, but they won't last long

It has proven to be a big hit since Magic: The Gathering’s wild experiment called Secret Lair launched with a time-limited print-on-demand format that allows fans to buy their favorite collectible cards. Reprints of existing cards with art from Fortnite have been incorporated into the latest micro set. As opposed to other offerings at the Secret Lair, this particular item is only going to be available for a short period. On Monday, July 25, the battle royale will come to an end.

There are multiple flavors of the Secret Lair x Fortnite cards that you can choose from. As part of the base set, you will be able to purchase seven cards for $29.99, including reprints of Wrath of Gods, Dance of the Many, Etherium Sculptor, Grim Tutor, Triumph of Hordes, Smuggler's Copter, and Planar Bridge.

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The Landmarks and Locations package, on the other hand, offers five lands at the same price as the Landmarks and Locations package. It is possible to purchase both of these cards in foil for an additional $10 - priced at $39.99 each.

Secret Lairs have run for quite a while in the past. There are times when it takes a week or two, and other times when it takes a whole month. The Astrology Lands series offers five lands for $119 ($159 with foil) for Capricorns, Gemini, and even Aquarius signs. The release of additional signs will continue throughout the year. Five-day limits seem to be a nod to Fortnite's extr