title iconHalo Infinite's Most (Accidentally) Powerful Gun Is Being Removed done

For its second season, Halo Infinite will see a welcome influx of new content next month. However, 343 Industries is removing something from the campaign for all of the next multiplayer maps, modes, and cosmetics: the scorpion gun.


The scorpion gun, sometimes known as the "tank gun," became a crucial exploit in Halo Infinite's campaign, which was released last December for Xbox One and PC and is the first game in the franchise to incorporate an open-world layout.

You can basically pick up a portable version of the scorpion tank's destructive gun early on and wreak havoc on the Banished.Its inclusion in the game was inadvertent, according to 343's gameplay designers, and a relic of experimentation.

For the time being, you can still use the scorpion rifle after entering the "open" area of Halo Infinite's open world. Interacting with an anti-aircraft cannon that overlooks an enemy base gives you the scorpion gun.

You won't get a prompt to pick it up as you would with a regular weapon, but it's there. One of your weapon slots is taken up by it. It possesses an endless supply of ammunition. Most foes are killed in one hit. Its splash damage is higher than that of most other weapons in the game.

You can easily imagine how useful a weapon like this is for both speedrunners and people who want to complete "LASO" runs (a sprint through the campaign on the highest difficulty with all skulls, or gameplay modifiers, turned on).