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Dungeons & Dragons

The owner of Dungeons & Dragons is soon to have its most powerful online tool.Hasbro, the company that owns Dungeons & Dragons has signed a deal Wednesday with Fandom to purchase the online gaming tool D&D Beyond. The current owner is Fandom. It will cost $146.3 million.This would mean that Hasbro's Wizards of the Coast team would be in charge of D&D Beyond, subject to regulatory approval. Many fans are curious about the future of this popular tool and may be concerned.

D&D Beyond

D&D Beyond is a powerful online Dungeons & Dragons game engine. D&D Beyond is a key component in making Dungeons and Dragons more accessible online. This includes small Zoom games with friends who use the character sheet creator to stream large-scale productions such as Critical Role. The tool is also able to sell campaign rules and in-game rulebooks through D&D Beyond.This has been a big plus, especially in the last few years. D&D Beyond was able to bridge the gap when COVID-19 lockdowns prevented people from meeting up in person to play.The D&D Beyond team will have more resources than the Wizards of the Coast and there may be fewer delays between the release of new content, and its being available in D&D Beyond.

Wizards of the Coast games

This could mean that D&D Beyond will be more cinematic, animated, and have access to resources from other Wizards of the Coast games.Fans are most concerned about possible cost increases. You can create a basic character using D&D Beyond for free.If you use classes or features not covered in the core book, you don't need to pay. Many tabletop gaming platforms, such as Foundry Virtual Tabletop, include plugins that allow you to import D&D Beyond sheets or campaigns to these platforms.

D&D Beyond, fans worry

Hasbro may limit this functionality to discourage users from using systems other than D&D Beyond, fans worry.