title iconIn Fortnite, you can vote for construction projects by donating bars

In Fortnite, players are constantly challenged and encouraged to enjoy all the game has to offer. A new feature of The Block 2.0 asks players to vote for their favorite buildings and rewards them for doing so. Rebuilding the Block rewards will be awarded over the next few weeks after the voting. To begin, locate the funding station on the southern side of Tilted Towers. A construction board icon will appear on the mini-map as you get closer. After entering the menu, players must select one of the three options. Votes cost 50 gold bars, and each stage of the quest costs 900 gold bars.

As each new stage progresses, the player must survive five different storm surges, eliminate five other players, and survive through five different storm surges. If you complete three of these quests, you'll receive the Sea-wheeled contrail, and if you complete seven, you'll obtain the Lucky Lance pickaxe, and you'll receive the Oro-Boris back bling if you complete 12. The voting round will conclude on July 27 at  CT when the next round begins. There will be a second round of voting until Aug. 3 at midnight CT, and a final round of voting on CT. For a closer look at all the finalists, check out Epic's previous blog post.