title iconPlayers of the PS4 were surprised with a free gift

Sony has surprised PS4 and PS4 Pro owners with a surprise gift

Sony has surprised PS4 and PS4 Pro owners with a surprise gift. If you own a PS5 or any other PlayStation console, you are not eligible for this freebie as it requires a feature that is only available on the PS4 and PS4 Pro. Sadly, this free gift does not include a game, a PS Plus subscription, or anything of value. However, free is free. You can currently download a free PS4 theme called Women Theme 2022 if you have not already done so. Due to the lack of themes on PS5, the freebie does not apply to PS5.

Kaye Cao,Graphic Designer at PlayStation Studios

Currently, it's unclear whether the offer is permanent or temporary. In most cases, these offers expire after a year, but since it says "2022" in the title, it is possible that this offer will continue to be available through 2023. According to Kaye Cao, Senior Motion Graphic Designer at PlayStation Studios, the theme has been designed by her. It was designed for Women's History Month 2022, as you would expect.

Wallpaper for PlayStation 4

As Women's History Month 2022 draws to a close, PlayStation wants to celebrate women in gaming with its global community," reads a blurb about the event. Sony Interactive Entertainment developed an exclusive wallpaper for PlayStation 4 called PlayStation Women 2022. You can download it free from PlayStation Store.

PlayStation Women Theme For PS4

Depending on your region, you will need to punch in a specific code in order to download the theme. Please find the codes below, which are provided directly by Sony: Americans – 5DGE-AKNX-CGCD, Europe – 6NN5-B2NK-XQM9, Japan – LDKE-4JNE-GJ57, Other Asian countries, and regions – KJPP-L5NK-GCBX.