title iconPlayStation releases disappointing update for PS4


PlayStation has released a rather disappointing update to the PS4, and by disappointing, we mean it does next to nothing.If it does, Sony doesn't explain what it is. As you boot up your PS4 today, you will be greeted with a 400 MB mandatory update, dubbed 9.51.

Patch notes

According to the official patch notes, it "improves system performance." How does it accomplish this and by how much? We have no idea. That's all the patch notes tell us. This update hides features, changes, and additions that are being worked on but aren't ready for release yet.In this case, dataminers will discover the same amount of information while searching through the files. At this point in the PS4's lifecycle, it's unlikely any future major updates will be coming

Ukrainian language support for PS4

However, the previous update, Update 9.50, added Ukrainian language support and made some much-needed changes and improvements to the parties.The PS4 just received an important update from Sony, so it isn't quite done, but at the same time, there is no reason to expect a lot, either.

PS4 and PS5

PS4 will probably get another big update in 10.0, assuming it gets to this point. Large updates are usually reserved for milestone updates like "9.5" and "10.0." Sony also released a new PS5 update today along with the new PS4 update. Sadly, just as with the PS4 update, the PS5 update does nothing.You can also find all the latest PlayStation news, including all the latest coverage on PS4, all the latest coverage on PS5, and all the latest coverage on PlayStation subscription services like PS Plus and PS4.