title iconRetro 'Elder Scrolls' titles are now free on Steam

In the Elder Scrolls series, we've talked a lot about games from the "more recent" post-2002 era. However, we forgot about TES 1: Arena and TES 2: Daggerfall, which were instrumental in bringing RPGs into the mainstream. Isn't it just wonderful timing that Steam has decided to make these legendary games, along with a few others, free just as we are about to discuss them? Bethesda's launcher is shutting down, and Steam is taking the very post-medieval approach of sharing the spoils of war. Arena, the first Elder Scrolls game, features an open world, customizable spells, a light and dark cycle, and a first-person perspective that showcases the game's great graphics.

Arena revolutionized the game industry back in '93 when it was released and at the time, those elements were just the bare minimum for most to install a game. I'm kidding! 3,000 copies were shipped at release, and word of mouth helped the game to grow into something large enough to allow Bethesda to stay afloat. That allowed Daggerfall to be created, a game that improved Arena in most areas and even introduced procedurally generated worlds, which we now call procedural generation. Those who wish to quench their thirst for nostalgia (and for killing Nazis) can also play Wolfenstein: Enemy Territory, a multiplayer classic unrelated to the Elder Scrolls.