title iconStained glass sphere art made by a Pokemon fan

Pokemon Ruby and Sapphire were released by Game Freak and Nintendo in 2002. It was released three years after Pokemon Gold and Silver and introduced the third generation of the world-famous creatures. As well as being the first game released on Game Boy Advance, it introduced the franchise to a new generation of fans. There was a sense that the Pokemon fad was over when the games were developed.

One of the co-founders of Game Freak, Junichi Masuda, has called Pokemon Ruby and Sapphire the most difficult game to produce in the Pokemon franchise because of this very perception. In the end, however, the naysayers were proven to be wrong as it turned out. In the end, all three versions of the game sold very well, and they have now reached the top 50 list of the best-selling video games of all time, and they will remain there for a long time to come.

Ruby and Sapphire fans are still creating art despite the games being released nearly 20 years ago. The Ghost Pokemon Sceptile, for example, was recently imagined by a fan with disturbing results. The Pokemon Reddit page recently featured a stained-glass portrait of Spheal by a fan under the username jennybead.

As a faithful recreation of the third-generation Pokemon, the stained-glass Spheal is a beautiful piece of art. In the sunlight, the Spheal almost appears to glisten due to the accurate colors and light reflection. A chain was also attached to the tail and head of the piece of art. Particularly pleased with how the teeth looked, the Reddit user commented.

Overall, Spheal is one of the most popular third-generation Pokemon. An artist recently imagined Spheal as various ice cream flavors. The Blender 3.1 animation program was used by another author to create an impressive animation of the Pokemon character. Taking down a Spheal was part of a quest in Pokemon Legends: Arceus. There have also been reports of water/ice type Pokemon behaving in a variety of bizarre ways since the game was released, ranging from socially awkward to the buggy. Pokemon Ruby and Sapphire are not as well known as Red and Blue or Gold and Silver, but they are an important part of the series nonetheless, even if it is not as popular as those games.

As a result of the success of the games, it can be concluded that the franchise is not just a fad that is going away. The original versions of both games were later remade under the title Pokemon Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire, allowing new fans to experience the games as well as old fans to relive their childhood memories. There's no doubt that the games and their characters will never be forgotten if artwork like this piece of stained-glass depicts them in a positive light.