title iconThe locations of all Datacards in Lego Star Wars: The Skywalker Saga

Skywalker Saga's data cards

Skywalker Saga's data cards are one of the hardest collectibles in the entire game, but they can change much of the gameplay. You can, for instance, use them to buy Stud Multipliers, breaded lightsabers, and Porg Companions. There are plenty of locations where you can get these cards, but you have to travel a lot to see them. In order to save you countless hours of searching, we have listed the 19 Datacard locations along with directions. Canto Bight's Datacard is near a dead end in the southern part of the city, as shown above. There is a Datacard floating beside an apartment building on the third floor. Hero-class characters can reach it by grappling up each of its windows until they reach the card.

Cloud City (Bespin) Datacard

Cloud City Datacard can be found on the bottom floor of the building, in the center of the map. You'll find the card behind a breakable wall once you've crossed the bridge that leads to the northern end. A Scavenger character can use a Breaker Blaster to destroy this wall, then a Hero-class character can grapple to it. Head to the northwest corner of the main hangar to find the Crait Outpost Datacard. You can climb on the structures to the left of the card to access the ventilation system where the card is located. rd is located. To reach the ventilation system, you'll need to switch to a Hero-class character once you arrive at the structure closest to the card. Possibly the easiest Datacard to find, this one is found between two huts on the western side of the northern Crash Site (as seen above). You won't need a special class to pick it up, but you need to unlock Episode XI: The Rise of Skywalker to visit the location.

Dragonsnake Bog (Dagobah) Datacard

At a dead-end in the southeast section of the map, you will find the Dragonsnake Bog Datacard floating above tree branches. There is no way for you to climb onto these trees, but an Astromech Droid or Hero can latch onto a hook just feet from the Datacard. The Datacard is planted on the ceiling of Echo Base's main hangar in Hoth. You can grapple and climb on a part of its walls using a Hero or Astromech Droid, as shown above. Once you reach the card, continue grappling onto the overhead lights. The Datacard for Ewok Village is located next to a tree in the northern section of the map. In Ewok Village, on the second floor, there is a tree that you can climb until you reach a shooting target. Upon hitting it, the lego blocking the Datacard will fail, allowing you to jump and grab it.

Federal District (Coruscant) Datacard

On the map, you'll find the Federal District Datacard in the northwest section. As shown above, you will reach a building with breakable floors. The card is located behind an electrically-charged gate on the bottom level once the floor has been destroyed. The gate can be removed by stepping on the red buttons in front of it with two characters. Switch to a third character and grab the card while the gate is disabled. It's odd to find Maz's Castle Datacard hidden away. Instead, you must climb an incline pole to reach the button at the top by stepping on it. A chest containing the Datacard will then appear at the nearby lake. On the northwest side of Niima Outpost, you will find a deserted area with nothing but ship parts. There is a Datacard floating inside the massive, circular ship piece on the backend that you can jump into.

Sith Citadel (Exegol) Datacard

This Datacard can be found atop a pipe at the Sith Citadel's lowest level. Climb one of the ropes that dangle from the ceiling to reach these pipes. Stalgasin Hive's Datacard can be obtained by traveling up the cliff on the right side of the map. The Scavenger character and Net Blaster will assist you along the way. After jumping down the mountain, you should climb it once more to run into the Datacard at the opposite end of the mountain. The Datacard can be found in Uscru District if you go to the center of the map. On the way to and from the Entertainment District, there is a walkway. From this wooden ledge, you can jump onto a circular platform floating between two buildings. A Datacard and studs can be found on the backside of the platform.