title iconThe most recent patch for Elden Ring introduces significant balance changes

Elden Ring has received patch 1.04

Elden Ring has received patch 1.04 from From Software, which includes a number of balancing tweaks as well as a slew of bug patches aimed at enhancing the game's reliability and performance. That isn't to suggest there isn't any new content or features. The ability to turn on or off the auto-rotation of the camera will undoubtedly be welcomed by players. Meanwhile, Patches, a fan-favorite trickster character from From's previous games, has had new "event phases" added to him, so you might want to pay him a visit and see what's up. The majority of the patch notes, however, focus on balance modifications, with a special emphasis on strength and faith-based builds. There are a lot of bonuses for sorceries and weapon skills, but there aren't many nerfs. The attack speed and two-handed attack damage of colossal weapons have been enhanced, making them more feasible. Overall, it appears to be excellent news for the majority of Tarnished. Even a glitch related to the dreaded underpants that penalized some players appears to have been fixed by From.