title iconValorant Weekly missions have vanished, but the company has confirmed that they will return with patch 3.0; the competitor queue has also been disabled

It has been a year

Valorant, Riot Sports' presently free-to-play first-person great leader shooter, has been out for a year. And in a such brief duration, Valorant has evolved into one of the best multiplayer games.

Unlocking all the various characters

Trying to unlock all of Valorant's characters and bonuses necessitates the accumulation of experience points (XP). These encounter points are earned by completing daily and weekly missions.

Valorant has acknowledged the issue

Recently, some gamers have reported that Valorant weekly missions have mysteriously vanished from the game, along with their progress.Valorant has recognized the issue and stated that weekly missions will be reinstated once Patch 3.0 is released.

You can also face this issue

This usually occurs when the show's web servers are unavailable. Riot Games could be repairing some technical issues, or adjusting the title, or the web server could have simply crashed. You may also encounter this problem if a new patch is released that conflicts with your older version. So, ensure that you update both the client and the tournament to the most recent version before attempting to play the game again.

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In any case

We are hopeful that Riot Games will soon resolve all of the issues with their popular game Valorant. Meanwhile, we will continue to monitor all Valorant-related developments and will provide additional information as it becomes available.

At the time of writing

There is no official acknowledgment at the time of writing. Keep an eye on Pianika Web for updates. Many Valorant players are now trying to report that the Competitive queue has been disabled or is not starting to work for people.

Many Valorant players have taken to Twitter

Many Valorant players have taken to Twitter to complain that the Competing company's queue has been disabled or is no longer functional for them. Even so, Riot Games has yet to issue an official statement on the matter. We haven't seen any reports on Twitter about the Competitive queue issue, so it would seem that it has settled.