title iconWordle Answer 302 for April 17th, 2022

Wordle 302 for April 17th, 2022

For Wordle 302 on the 17th of April, you might need a bit of help to reach the answer within the time limit.  WORDLE Players may need a bit of help to continue their winning streak with Wordle's word of the day.

Instructions for playing Wordle

A simple yet challenging puzzle game, Wordle, is available on the New York Times games website.  Wordle is hosted by the New York Times. Start with any word you like. The word needs to be five letters long and English. 

Type it in and press enter. Letter colors will vary based on whether they appear in the puzzle. 

In this word, the green letters are correct. Despite the incorrect placement of the yellow letters, they are still a part of the puzzle. There are no gray letters.  

Six attempts at finding the solution are made with colored letters. It is reset every night at midnight local time.

Wordle 302 Hints and Clues for the 17th of April 2022

today's word has two vowels in it.

the word begins and ends with a vowel.

the starting word is A.

the word ends with E.

Answer for April 17th, 2022