Shrek phone case goes viral, al pacino addresses 

After a group photo containing Al was posted on Instagram in April, the 'Heat' star went viral. Fans, however, couldn't keep their eyes off Al's phone case, which was covered with 'Shrek' pictures.

As social media had a field day with the revelation, DreamWorks Animation tweeted, 'Real recognize real.'

DreamWorks also included a picture of Shrek holding a phone case decorated with Al's faces.

Another person who saw the phone case on Twitter wrote 'This can't be made up, Al Pacino is the perfect man for existence and he likes Shrek.'

A Twitter user contacted Al's 21-year-old daughter Olivia to find out if 'Shrek' was behind the case.

Several people (including me) have been tweeting about a picture of Al in which he appears to have a Shrek phone case

the user said. Have a nice day anyway.' 'Is that possible? That would be iconic.'

Olivia confirmed that it was a 'Shrek' phone case. It's funny that Twitter noticed the case before Al did!

'I didn't even notice it until social media alerted me to what was on my phone,' 'The Godfather' actor said on 'Today.' 'Then I looked and realized it was Shrek.'

The acting legend didn't miss a beat when asked if he will keep using the case, saying, 'It was a gift, so of course!'

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