'Squid Game' star Lee Jung-Jae to reprise 'Deliver Us From Evil' role in series spin-off

Korean media outlets

Korean media outlets say that Lee will star in and co-produce the series through his Artist Studio organization.

Hwang Jung-min

Hwang Jung-min plays In-Nam, a former black operations agent who investigates an abduction in Thailand.

Nam was assassinated

In-brother Nam was assassinated by Lee's character Ray, a Korean-Japanese thug. Ray, heavily tattooed and charismatic, seeks retribution.


'Ray' will show how Ray became a ruthless killer and pit him against other villains throughout the world. Hong Kyung-Pyo, known for 'Parasite,' 'Broker,' 'Burning,' 'Snowpiercer,' and 'The Wailing,' will direct 'Deliver Us From Evil.'

'Deliver Us From Evil'

Pre-production begins in 2023. No streaming platform partnership is known. 'Deliver Us From Evil' opened in August 2020 during a break in Korea's pandemic lockdown and earned $28.9 million from 4.36 million viewers.

Cannes critics

Lee is director-producer and actor of 'Hunt,' a 1980s espionage drama that debuted at Cannes. Cannes critics called the film perplexing. Lee re-cut it for foreign audiences, and a new version will play in Toronto.

Intra-Korean intricacies

Korean consumers have had no trouble understanding intra-Korean intricacies, putting the picture on top of the box office for two weekends. Since Aug. 10, it's grossed $26 million from 3.35 million tickets.

'Squid Game'

Lee won the 2022 Hollywood Critics Association TV Awards for best actor in a streaming series or drama. He's related to 'Squid Game' season 2.

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