Throwback to the time when Mike Tyson was surrounded by six bodyguards in the ring

Mike Tyson has been a celebrated figure in a variety of combat sports for many decades. Besides being a legendary boxer,

Even though he does not appear in these promos every week, he makes occasional appearances.

There is no doubt that Chris Jericho is one of the most prominent names in professional wrestling.

Since their days in WWE, Mike Tyson and Jericho have engaged in a feud, and Tyson is expected to appear in AEW in 2020 to continue the feud.

There was an altercation in May 2020 where he came to the ring with something like six men.

There was one idiot guy, he had make-up on his face and he was called the Gooch or something to the effect, and his name was Bass Pro Shops.

ter the party, Jericho met Tyson, who approved of his actions despite being scared he hit someone close to the 'Baddest Man on the Planet'

Gooch was hit in the face by you! He got knocked down by you!’ 'You saw that, right?' I said.

Though Jericho may have been nervous about hitting Tyson's friend,

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