Messiness in MLB: Rumors Tim Anderson cheated on his wife and fathered a child

Anderson is known for being a good father. He married his now-wife Bria Anderson in 2017. Throughout their relationship, the couple welcomed two adorable daughters into the world: their first daughter in 2016 and they're second in 2019.

According to Anderson, in an interview with MLB back in 2018, 'I leave everything on the field and come home and be with my family. It keeps me happy during the tough times.'

Bria recently posted a photo of herself and her husband, demonstrating their love and commitment to one another. The next day, another woman posted a picture of the MLB player online, causing quite the stir.

social media influencer Dejah Lanee-who is friends with Ari Fletcher-shared the baseball player's snap on Instagram Stories on June 13. In addition to adding the caption 'Baby Father,' she also added a black heart emoji.

There's currently no word on how far along the influencer is in her pregnancy, but she has been sharing pictures of her growing belly on Instagram. In one picture, we can also see that she has tattooed the number 7, Anderson's baseball number.

Tim Anderson's supposed infidelity went viral, so Lanee made her motives known by apparently thanking the internet for making the situation popular.

Several baseball players have remained silent since this situation broke, further fueling suspicions that Dejah is telling the truth. Anderson didn't seem concerned about his sketchy activity in front of his alleged side chick's camera, which is why social media is having a field day with this information.

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