15 Things You Need To Know About DNF Duel

A popular online action RPG, DNF Duel features characters and classes based on Nexon's popular Dungeon Fighter Online game. Each character or class has a unique Awakening, passive skill, active skill, and more.

Story Mode

Story Mode trailer released by Nexon makes it difficult to figure out exactly what's going on. There are a number of incidents happening, including Dragon Knight dealing with distortions and Berserker running afoul of soldiers led by Cyrus, assisted by Vanguard.


It is inevitable that non-DFO players (as well as those who have played the game) will have some questions about the storyline. You can keep track of everything with a Glossary, including regions such as Bel Myre, Pandemonium,


You can also check out the Gallery if you don't care about the plot but just want to admire the art or music. As well as unlocking stunning illustrations from Dungeon Fighter Online,

Arcade Mode, Free Battle, Practice

In addition to Story Mode, you can also play Free Battle, Arcade, and Practice modes. Free Battle allows you to face an opponent with the option of setting a time limit, round limit, etc.


Like Arcade Mode, Survival consists of fighting a string of opponents, one after another. You can buy upgrades for Attack, Defense, MP Recovery, strengthening Guard Break, and more based on your score from fights. You can also purchase items that restore health

Rollback Netcode

The online multiplayer in DNF Duel supports rollback netcode, much like Arc System Works' Guilty Gear Strive. You’ll still have an enjoyable experience, even if you’re playing against someone half-way around the world with high latency.

Ranked Matches

Your skills will be tested against opponents online in ranked matches. After a few matches, you'll receive a rank and can compete against others within the same skill brackets.

Player Profile

A Player Profile outlines your name, Online ID, Ranked Match History, and Number of Player Matches for others to see. Additionally, you have the option of setting your main character, your avatar (with options that can be purchased with in-game currency),

Ranked Match Record and History

Would you like to be able to see all of your Ranked Matches that have been played so far without much effort? Check out the Ranked Match Record. It displays each character's wins and win percentages while organizing them all.

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