$24 Million for Diablo Immortal in two weeks is an encouraging sign

A recent report claims that Diablo Immortal has earned Blizzard $24 million since release, and given the community's response, that's a good sign. Diablo Immortal, the latest Diablo game, has been one of the most talked-about topics in gaming this month for many reasons - most of which are negative.

In the main part, this is due to Diablo Immortal's in-app monetization system, which was designed to be as gacha-like as possible to appeal to all Diablo fans, including PC users.

The fact that Diablo Immortal players have a limited number of free attempts at Legendary 5/5-star gems, which are the best endgame items one can own, only serves to make things worse because they have to pay real money through microtransactions to obtain them.

A popular Diablo Immortal streamer recently spent over $25,000 in New Zealand dollars to acquire a single 5-star gem, in an attempt to demonstrate the predatory nature of the game's monetization model.

 Diablo Immortal ended up being the game with the lowest average review score ever on Metacritic because the community quickly learned about these problems. It may seem like a bad thing that Diablo Immortal has made $24 million in two weeks for Blizzard, but it is a sign that the community has frontloaded its interest, and now the revenue will only fall in time.

Diablo Immortal has received $24 million in funding, but it's worth keeping things in perspective, especially when you consider how vocal the community has been about its displeasure with the mobile game's monetization practices.

Diablo Immortal's $24 million revenue isn't impressive compared to some of these games. Just in May 2022, the mobile gaming market in the United States generated $1.9 billion.

Since Diablo Immortal's honeymoon period is over and a relatively small number of players fully equip their characters in PvE content, Diablo Immortal's numbers could drop over time. If high-spenders are not paired with players who can compete with their power level, they are also likely to lose interest in PvP.

It's not surprising to see Diablo Immortal bringing in millions of dollars for Blizzard, but it shouldn't be interpreted as a warning - rather, it could indicate that players won't spend as much time on this title as one might think based on first impressions.

Diablo Immortal's future success will be determined by how successful Blizzard's monetization plan will be over the next few months, but the first two weeks give the impression the game will not be among the biggest yet, if ever.

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