A clarification of Twitch's self-harm policy

Recently, Twitch has tightened its content policies for its streaming services, and that now includes references to self-harm.

Livestreaming service YouTube has added a section to its Community Guidelines explaining that self-harm behavior is not permitted on the service.

According to the newly clarified policy, it is intended to enhance 'meaningful discussions' about physical and mental health, as well as prevent further harm.

A broadcaster can share stories about self-harm or suicide, but cannot describe them in 'graphic detail' or share suicide notes on air.

According to Twitch, research shows that people who are vulnerable are more likely to experience similar ideas.

The refined policy also identifies content that encourages eating disorders, such as diet programs that encourage unhealthy weight loss or activities designed to glorify eating disorders.

On the other hand, Twitch has already clamped down on usernames containing references to drugs and sex, along with creators who routinely post misleading information.

It was not long after that the Amazon brand decided to launch an improved reporting tool to help viewers identify and flag inappropriate video content, as well as to streamline the appeals process.

The company has dealt with a number of abuses in the past couple of weeks, but it is clear that it hopes the policy changes will reduce the volume of abuses in the future.

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