A gambling site error results in xQc losing nearly $1 million on Twitch

The gaming category on streaming platforms such as Twitch has become increasingly popular with content creators. However, the massive rise in streams that allow viewers to watch top talents gamble thousands of dollars has met with a considerable amount of backlash from viewers and even other creators. 

Asmongold and Mizkif, two top streamers, have spoken out against the rise of gambling-focused content, while Mizkif has even rejected sponsorship from a major betting company.

A Twitch streamer named xQc has an unhinged history of gambling, in both games like Grand Theft Auto 5 and gambling websites like Stake.

As one of the top-earning streamers on Twitch, he would continue to justify his actions by claiming that he 'can afford it.'. In spite of admitting to his gambling addiction,

As part of xQc's most recent stream, the streamer made a significant error while playing The Wild Machine on gambling website Stake. In the middle of a streak in which xQc was set to win winnings of over $800,000,

 The xQc stares at his error screen for a while before remarking that he likely would have continued to gamble with the money if he hadn't lost so much. 

It is unlikely that xQc's blunder will have an impact on his own reputation or future with gambling streams, but his loss is a substantial financial loss for the streamer.

In the past, the streamer had even stated he would stop doing gambling streams, only to reappear a few short months later.

A recent loss suffered by the Twitch streamer xQc coincides with a hot button issue involving gambling mechanics in gaming. Aside from the rise in popularity of gambling-focused streams on Twitch,

A particular focus has been loot boxes among gamers upset with gambling's connection to games, with some countries considering banning them entirely.

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