A guide to invading players in Demon's Souls

While accessing other players' worlds can be a bit tricky, invasions are a major part of Demon's Souls' multiplayer identity. Demon's Souls was the pioneer of multiplayer gaming, as it allowed players with internet access to battle other players via the internet. This invasion only reinforces how difficult the Soulsborne genre is, as no player is safe in the world of Demon's Souls.

If players succeed in battling invaders and vanquishing them, their Character and World Tendency will be increased, unlocking unique quests and rewards. Others actively seek out PvP, while others don't want to engage in it. This guide aims to explain how players can invade other players and friends in Demon's Souls.

The PS3 Demon's Souls servers were shut down in 2018, making the only way to play the game online a copy of the PS5 remake, a subscription to PlayStation Plus, and a connection to the internet.

The player should also ensure that the latest version of Demon's Souls has been installed by pressing the ' ' button on their DualSense while hovering over the icon on the Home menu; then, select 'Check for Update' in the dropdown box and the latest version needs to be installed.

Players should now be able to access the game's dedicated servers when they launch it. You can check this by selecting 'Settings' from the main menu and scrolling down to 'Network.'

This page should be accessible for PS Plus subscribers (or PlayStation Plus Premium subscribers). The same menu allows people to set passwords to matchmake exclusively with friends, while gamers looking to play in another country can select their server.

Black Eye Stones can only be obtained by killing Black Phantoms in Demon's Souls to invade other players. The Great Club Black Phantoms at the bottom of the elevator in The Tunnel City are examples of enemies that are typically found in levels with Pure Black World Tendency.

Additionally, The Prison of Hope has a Baby's Nail Black Phantom guarding the entrance to the Fool's Idol boss fight. A person must die in Body Form to obtain an eye Stone. To avoid losing progress to the White World Tendency, you can fall from a balcony in the Nexus.

Almost anywhere in Boletaria can be used to invade other players' worlds. Popular invasion locations include near the Archstone at the Gates of Boletaria or the beginning of the Shrine of Storms. The Black Eye Stone can also be used to summon the boss Old Monk in the Ivory Tower in Latria for players who want a more controlled environment.

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