A League of Legends developer is suing Mobile Legends for copyright

Riot Games, the creator of the MOBA League of Legends, has filed a copyright lawsuit against ByteDance's Shanghai Moonton Technology Co. LTD, the creator of the MOBA Mobile Legends.

"This action aims to stop Moonton from continuing its purposeful and continuous attempt to free-ride on Riot's highly valuable rights in the mobile video game League of Legends:

Wild Rift and related material," according to the lawsuit filed by Riot's parent firm Tencent. Moonton's tactic is described as "blatant imitation" by the corporation.

"Over the years, as Riot upgraded its video game, Moonton would replicate it," the lawsuit adds. Moonton duplicated the game's promotional materials when Riot modified them. Moonton also replicated Riot's new trailer when it was published. For Riot, this is a crucial issue.

"Moonton has copied Riot's extensive, expressive content in Wild Rift as well as its trailers, promotional materials, and other content to create and market its mobile video game, Mobile Legends

Bang Bang, which competes with Wild Rift using Riot's own extensive, expressive content in Wild Rift as well as its trailers, promotional materials, and other content."

Tencent included various images in the lawsuit comparing the two games' logos, characters, and more. There is no disputing that the two games are strikingly similar. So, let's get started (Please note, all images are courtesy of Riot and Tencent).

The two-game logos are shown here. In 2019, the original League of Legends logo was replaced with a new one that was gold-based and heavily fronted.

Moonton followed suit just over a year later, with Tencent claiming that the Mobile Legends' "layout, prominent usage of the phrase 'Legends,' and gold typeface" are virtually identical to the new LOL logo.

Let's move on to the characters. Riot's first champion, Ahri, may be seen below in both Wild Rift (2020) and League of Legends (2018).

This character concept is identical to Moonton's artwork for Guinevere's 'Psion of Tomorrow' skin, which was released just a few weeks ago.

Tencent asserts that these characters not only appear alike but also perform similarly.

Meanwhile, here's Riot's first League of Legends champion, Zac, from 2013, next to Moonton's hero Gloo from 2021.

"Both sport the same magenta, purple, and black color palette, characteristic clawed hands, and similar body forms," according to Tencent. In the games, the two characters have identical walks, attacks, attributes, and abilities."

Tencent has included numerous additional comparisons in the case, including the one above, and is seeking compensation from Moonton for the financial damages, fees, and costs it incurs, as well as any gains, profits, or advantages Moonton obtains in the United States as a result of its infringement.

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