A Sonic Origins developer reveals they're 'very unhappy' with the current state of the game

The Sonic Origins collection is now available on every major gaming platform, featuring four classic Sonic the Hedgehog games in one convenient package designed to introduce new gamers to the character. 

Aside from remastering these retro games, Sonic Origins also included new features such as Mirror Mode and animated cutscenes that linked all four titles together.

As soon as Sonic Origins was revealed, Headcannon, the developers behind Sonic Mania, confirmed their involvement with Sonic Origins, creating a lot of hype around the game.

There has been mixed feedback about the current state of the game despite fans being excited about Headcannon making the game a more polished experience. Simon 'Stealth' Thomley, a prominent member of Headcannon, talked about its release's problems.

His extensive Twitter thread revealed several issues with Sonic Origins that left him and his team frustrated with its final product, as well as the development team's frustrations.

In addition to the crunch time required to meet a deadline, he notes that the bugs were likely a result of the collection being transformed from a separate project into what it is now.

 As a team member, Stealth acknowledges that the game has made some mistakes, and while he is proud of the work his team has done, he is also disappointed with the current status of The Sonic 3 and Knuckles section of the game.

When Headcannon asked for major fixes, Stealth's team was not allowed to implement them on time because the company was out of control for most of the submission period.

 Also, he was told that delaying Sonic Origins was 'unfeasible' when the team requested it and that it was not possible to delay it. Furthermore, Stealth notes that Headcannon may not even consider post-release fixes and updates even though Headcannon still wants these problems addressed.

Not only do these wrinkles concern the gameplay and visuals of the collection, but they also affect other aspects. Sonic Origins' soundtrack changes, in particular, received a lot of criticism from gamers, with many saying they were inferior to the original and prototype Genesis versions. 

There has been some controversy over whether these changes enhance the classic Sonic games or provide worse versions. Many fans are divided between the two arguments, with many arguing whether they offer better versions of these classic Sonic games or an enhanced version.

Now you can play Sonic Origins on PC, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Switch, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X/S.

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