A tribute to Elden Ring's Let Me Solo Her is featured on a restaurant menu

The popularity of Elden Ring's Let Me, Solo, Her continues to grow as a New Zealand restaurant's shot menu features a drink dedicated to the singer.

As a result, Let Me, Solo, She has taken on a life of its own in terms of the myth surrounding it, encompassing many cooperative experiences players have shared and taking on a life of its own through art and media commemorating the player in many ways.

One of Elden Ring's cooperative summons, Melania, Blade of Miquela, has been well-defeated by a player whose display name is Let Me Solo Her.

Legendary Let Me, Solo, Her have garnered a lot of attention for their skill and their particular aesthetic, with only a Jar and their preferred armaments. They have divulged their character's build since then, and their legacy continues. 

Elden Ring fan saw a 'humble tribute to our hero' among a series of numbered drink orders at a restaurant the other day while dining at the establishment.

Reddit user SLYRaccoon6 shared a photo of a shot menu from Dice and Fork in Auckland, New Zealand. They offer a menu of random shots, and customers can decide the shot they want to take by rolling a 20-sided die. 

'Let me Solo Her' appears to be a tribute to Elden Ring with the tagline 'Blade of Miquela... Pathetic.' It is characterized as having red wine and Kahlua, which some Elden Ring fans believe is the embodiment of Scarlet Riot by Malenia.

Despite its quirky and inventive iteration, Elden Ring's most popular player is not the first time fans have discovered references to the game while out and about. OdnarDominus had previously shared photographs of a restaurant featuring a menu titled Volcano Manor or Tarnished Currency that referenced Elden Ring.

As several trendy bars often like to incorporate pop culture references into their menus, this will not be the last time an Elden Ring reference appears. A lot of references to Elden Ring, such as Let Me, Solo, and Her, are widespread in today’s video game culture due to the impact they have had, from memes to real-life examples.

Fans will be able to enjoy these drinks and other creative items celebrating Elden Ring's popular influence till we see how the reception to Elden Ring continues to develop in the future. Let Me Solo Her will also be honored to join the group as a player.

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