AMD's RDNA 3 graphics could power the next Steam Deck

A sequel to the Steam Deck or perhaps even a follow-up to it would not be too surprising given the success of the device. Despite being still early in the game's life cycle, a sequel would represent a big step forward in mobile PC gaming,

It appears AMD is interested in supplying a new Steam Deck with a Ryzen APU. That's according to leaked sources over on Moore's Law Is Dead. According to the video, the 'Little Phoenix' APU will have four cores and eight threads.

Steam Deck 2 has not been officially announced by Valve, so there has been no word on it. Due to the fact that many people are still waiting for theirs to arrive, it is unlikely that a new system is being developed at this time. This current iteration has been very successful,

In terms of the Steam Deck system itself, it is currently compatible with thousands of games, and the number keeps growing. In addition to being a gaming console, the console is also a fully functional portable computer that is not too dissimilar to desktops.

Despite being initially hailed as a direct competitor to the Nintendo Switch, Steam Deck has now gained its own reputation as a portable console that works with Windows. Moreover,

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