An Elden Ring fan draws an incredible picture of Ranni featuring his favorite character

Elden Ring has built up a huge following online since it was released. In such a short period, so many players have posted fan-made content, all of which is influenced by Elden Ring in some way. This latest piece of fan content is more striking, though.

The multitude of characters that inhabit the world of the game is one of the reasons why many players have gravitated to Elden Ring over countless other games.

Even though previous FromSoftware games have featured numerous memorable NPCs, characters like Iron Fist Alexander in Elden Ring tend to leave a much more lasting impression. An Elden Ring fan art piece has managed to capture several characters' essences in a very beautiful way.

Reddit user OmarvinG94 posted a wonderfully detailed drawing with a combined Elden Ring illustration featuring Ranni the Witch. This drawing is so detailed because of its monochromatic color scheme and shading techniques. 

Almost all FromSoftware games share the same art style as the Berserk manga series authored and drawn by Kentaro Miura, who was responsible for not only Elden Ring, but most of FromSoftware's other titles.

Among the characters within the drawing are Ranni the Witch, Blaidd the Half-Wolf, War Counselor Iji, and Renalla. Because Ranni has separate relationships with all three of these characters, all of these characters are prominently displayed above Ranni.

As stated by the user, this art piece took almost sixty hours to create. Given how detailed and intricate it is, it is easy to understand why it took so long.

Fan art is an interesting way to connect the dots of Elden Ring's lore, especially since the characters never interact in-game, but still have implied, complex relationships with each other. In Elden Ring fan art, the demigod siblings Rykard, Ranni, and Radahn were brought back together.

The Elden Ringworld and lore are rich and detailed, so fans have plenty to draw from when it comes to creative content. This has resulted in interesting crossover art, such as one fan combining Animal Crossing with Elden Ring.

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