CGI Backlash for Avatar 2 Was Wrong - It was a James Cameron film

Since director James Cameron is from a prestigious family, it was obvious that visual effects artists would prove the backlash against CGI in Avatar: The Way of Water was incorrect. In 2009, when Avatar debuted, CGI technology made a significant breakthrough, allowing viewers to explore the world of Pandora for the first time. 

In spite of over a decade of development, Avatar 2 hopes to feature even better visual effects. However, after watching the first trailer for Avatar: The Way of Water, many viewers complained that the CGI looked the same as in the first film.

The CGI in the trailer for Avatar: The Way of Water was analyzed by three VFX artists. Although all of the effects in Avatar 2 had to remain the same as in the first movie, the artists examined a close-up shot of a Na'vi tightening a leather strap near water, explaining that although Avatar 2 had to maintain the aesthetic of the first movie.

This video demonstrates that the CGI effects in the Avatar: The Way of Water trailer are so advanced that they were mistaken for practical effects. Although this is good news, Avatar 2's director, James Cameron, ensured that viewers did not need to worry about the visual effects of Avatar 2. With Cameron also directing the first Avatar film, it seems likely that the visual effects will be enhanced in Avatar 2.

Aside from blockbusters like The Terminator, Aliens, and Titanic, Cameron has always pushed technology and found inventive ways to make epic and science fiction movies come true. The effects in Terminator 2: Judgement Day are still impressive 30 years after its release, and despite the advancements in technology since its release, Avatar remains a visually stunning film that successfully uses 3D technology to its fullest extent.

Avatar 2's trailer VFX are unlikely to match the final film, so viewers should not be concerned about them. It is common for visual effects to be the last elements done when creating movies. This causes early trailers to feature lower-quality CGI than movies they advertise.

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