Charmander made of LEGOs by a Pokémon fan

Pokémon has become much more than just a video game franchise in the past few decades. There have been numerous types of merchandise available featuring various pocket monsters throughout the years. The LEGO brand, however, has yet to receive official Pokemon-themed merchandise. 

A talented builder decided to create his own custom LEGO creation featuring Charmander, one of the video game series' most iconic starters, instead of waiting for Pokemon to partner with the Danish toy company to release LEGO sets.

A Fire-type Pokemon, Charmander is one of the first Pokemon introduced in the series with a reptilian body and a tail with a flame tip. It is the first starter Pokemon in the series. 

A gamer recently wondered what this classic pocket monster would look like if it had a blocky appearance. The starter evolves into Charmeleon, which can then be further evolved into Charizard.

Ddave, a user on Reddit known for his creations of Pokemon fan art, shared a picture of one such creation. The fan art depicts Charmander, a Pokemon that most people are familiar with.

One aspect of this artwork stood out, however, because the Reddit user recreated the pocket monster using LEGOs. In addition, they mentioned that the LEGO build was life-sized, which meant that there were many bricks needed to build it.

Ddave was able to include an impressive level of details in this LEGO version of the Fire-type Charmander due to its life-size proportions. The Pokemon is smiling and waving in the picture.

Using a large number of bricks, the Reddit user created Charmander's classic silhouette, with its flaming tale replicated. In addition, they placed the LEGO Pokemon against a backdrop of grass.

Several fans have been watching this life-size Charmander created from LEGOs. In only a few hours, the post was upvoted and praised.

A Reddit user who goes by the name gloomsday suggested simply using the word 'insanity' as an indication of the time required to make the LEGO Charmander. One fan noted how using LEGOs was a nostalgic choice as it reminded them of their childhood.

The next creation from Pokemon Ddave will certainly be an interesting one. In addition to this life-sized Charmander, they previously created a LEGO version of Bulbasaur, complete with the same level of attention to detail shown here. 

The team is likely to attempt to recreate some of the pocket monsters revealed in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet in the coming weeks. Whatever they develop next is sure to be impressive.

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