Cheaters' weapons are now gone from Call of Duty

In recent times, the series of games has become so popular that there has been a perpetual war between cheaters and the games. The company has developed its proprietary Ricochet software, an anti-cheat kernel that runs across all of its titles.

The Ricochet developers have published a blog post that summarises some of their findings since the launch of the application and outlines some of the major anti-cheating measures the team has implemented.

Several significant drops in cheaters invading our games have been noticeable since Ricochet launched last year, as well as a couple of unfortunate increases-an in expected ebb and flow that must be faced when it comes to game security.'

Ricochet has to work out how to spot cheat makers' new tools and stop them. Ricochet's 'mitigation' principle is what the developers call going above and beyond simply banning cheaters and is at the heart of what they are doing.

In some way, cheaters feel superior if they use software to win games they have no business winning. Mitigations nudge those feelings into pangs of annoyance that they rarely experience.'

In the end, these are pretty funny. For example, 'Damage Shield' makes cheaters' guns do little to no damage to the player they're targeting. The reason they do any damage at all is so that the victim can see that they're taking care of business themselves.

A cheater who's been banned from cheating will become invisible to everyone he hits, and also to the cheating software he uses, meaning he'll run around levels filled with players he can't see and probably die a lot.

Ricochet has shared one they're particularly proud of in 'Disarm.' After mentioning these two previously, they have now shared a third.

The name of our company implies that once cheaters are discovered they will be stripped of their weapons (including their fists).

'While we do not expect many videos of this to make their way online, from what we have seen, the reactions from cheaters to this have always been a gold mine.' When you consider the kind of cheater that likes it, you just need a non-lethal headless chicken to make the players happy.

The reason these measures are necessary over and above banning is unclear. However, the Ricochet team believes that these measures allow them to track and analyse cheaters more effectively for longer periods without negatively impacting other players. At some point, they're part of a huge ban wave.

The blog post says: 'Problem: Cheaters can be lethal, so they need to be put in time out.' I like the attitude in this post: you can tell these folks are against cheats. Our second mission is to annoy cheaters as much as possible, aside from combating unfair play.'

Modern Warfare 2, coming to Steam in October, is the next Call of Duty. Meanwhile, Pacific Season 4 of Call of Duty Warzone is approaching, and we're keeping you updated.

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