Children are enticed to use Edge with Minecraft by Microsoft

Microsoft appears to be enticing younger audiences to use Edge by offering new incentives built into one of the world's most popular games, Minecraft.

The company has always aimed to steer users away from Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox for their Edge browser, and until recently, Internet Explorer.

However, the company is now offering 'Minecoins' in exchange for users of the browser and Bing search engine, which will allow players to add mods and other custom content.

The Bedrock version of the game, which is typically more popular with younger audiences due to lower system requirements than the Java edition.

In the past, Microsoft has used gaming and other rewards to entice users to use its browser and search engine, with a rewards program where users could earn Xbox gift cards, Games Pass Ultimate subscriptions, and Minecraft content.

The targeting of children raises a moral dilemma regarding data collection on children. Bing and Edge are free platforms, but as all search engines and browsers do, they collect your data for advertising purposes. As a result, the company is directly targeting the data of a younger audience.

Even so, it is unlikely that the company has ill intentions, and just wants to grow its user base. The company actually rewards its users for their data.

However, it is important to note that Bing is a browser that is commonly used for finding explicit and adult content, so parents should set up filters and parental settings as well as turn off data sync to ensure that their data is protected.

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