China's release of Diablo Immortal is delayed at the last minute

On June 23, 2022, Blizzard's newest title, Diablo: Immortal, was originally supposed to launch in China. However, just days before that release date, it has been officially delayed.

Blizzard has stated that the release is being delayed because it needs to work on a variety of issues. The announcement was first made on the official forums of the Chinese Diablo web page and translated by Daniel Ahmad.

In China, it has not been announced by Blizzard when Diablo: Immortal will be released. The official announcement from Blizzard stated, 'We believe that the official launch version will provide you with a smoother game experience, as well as better game content.

Even though Diablo: Immortal is completely free to play, western audiences have expressed concern about its microtransactions. Typically, 'pay-to-win' models do well in eastern markets but are rarely well-received in western markets, where countries like Netherlands and Belgium ban the practice.

Diablo: Immortal offers players an advantage through microtransactions, but they aren't necessary to complete the game. There is a limit on how many rifts they can clear within a certain amount of timeframe when playing at a casual pace without using the in-game shop at all.

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