Cloth's Quest: How to complete the Hollow Knight quest line

Hollow Knight is a place where warriors demonstrate their bravery by traveling the abandoned roads. Check out these ways to help Cloth out. Players may encounter Cloth, a cicada warrior that will lie in wait underground, ambushing her enemies or using the earth for a bed, as an NPC in Hollow Knight.

Cloth can be found in multiple locations throughout Hallownest, just like other characters. When players interact with Cloth, their actions will determine what Cloth's fate will be at the end of the encounter.

In the Fungal Wastes, near the entrance of the City of Tears, players will find Cloth along the path leading towards the Mantis Village for the first time. Cloth's presence is indicated by the ground rumbling similarly to breakable surfaces, but she will jump out and players will be able to talk to her.

A warrior and adventurer, Cloth is looking for a challenge in combat. She will also warn the player about the fierce Mantis Tribe living in the area. In the case that players have yet to find Cloth in the Ancient Basin, she can instead be found at the Failed Tramway in Deepest.

Players will be able to decide whether or not Cloth's path diverges once they reach her in the Ancient Basin. Players can find Aspid Hunters, Lesser Mawleks, and other enemies at the end of the tram tunnel.

Lesser Mawleks can be dealt significant damage with spells such as Vengeful Spirit and Shade Soul, and players should only be aware of their projectile attacks when they are at a distance.

Once Cloth defeats the enemies, she will emerge from her hiding place and admit that she is ashamed of getting into a fight that she can't handle. The Knight's bravery inspires Cloth, and she resolves to continue through Hallownest.

The cloth will appear next on the map in Dartmouth if players do not save her from Ancient Basin. She will rest next to Sly's shop there if players do not save her. She tells the Knight that she plans on leaving Hallownest once the player has listened to her dialogue.

Cloth may also be found at the entrance to Queen's Gardens if players choose to save her. More Mantis enemies dwell in this area of Hallownest, which is specifically noted for its traitorous inhabitants. Northwest of the Queen's Gardens lies an arena in which players will be trapped, along with Mantis Traitors that must be slain.

At some point during this battle, Cloth will emerge after being rescued from the Ancient Basin, and the Traitor Lord will follow her. Only one attack of the Traitor Lord deals two masks of damage.

In any case, Cloth's arrival brings the warrior an unlucky end.

 Even though Cloth will be fatally wounded by the Traitor Lord, she will ensure that he dies with her. It is possible to communicate with Cloth's spirit after the battle if players have the Dream Nail, and she will reassure the Knight that her purpose has been fulfilled.

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