Deadpool: 20 facts you might not know

The comic book movie market has been flooded with movies for years now, but the majority of them are intended to serve a large audience. Most of them are rated PG-13. Then 'Deadpool' came along and brought raunchy vulgarity and bloody violence to the superhero world. Oh, and it was a comedy, too.

Reynolds first placed 'The Merc with the Mouth' in 2009's 'X-Men Origins: Wolverine.' However, that film was a flop, especially among critics. Reynolds' Deadpool turned out to be one of the most criticized parts of the movie, as they decided it was a good idea to sew the mouth shut on Wade Wilson.

Reynolds seemed like a good choice for a superhero film. Maybe people find him attractive because he's in good shape? Reynolds played Green Lantern in a 2011 film before taking on the role of a Marvel character. The movie too was a flop, one that gets joked about in 'Deadpool.'

Reynolds' journey to starring in 'Deadpool' began even before 'X-Men Origins: Wolverine.' He was first attached to the project in 2004. It took him years to get the film made before it finally appeared in theaters in 2016.

After working as a producer and directing title sequences for films like 'The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo' and 'Thor: The Dark World,' Tim Miller was hired in 2011 to direct 'Deadpool,' which was his debut as a director.

Hey, sometimes to screenwriter you have to take the work offered to you. Particularly if you've never written anything before. Co-writer Rhett Reese also wrote Zombieland. However, his first screenwriting credit was on Clifford the Big Red Dog film 'Clifford's Really Bi' in 2004.

Deadpool was always going to be played by Reynolds. However, casting the female lead of Vanessa took a little more thought. A few of the actresses who took the test were Taylor Schilling and Rebecca Rittenhouse. Morena Baccarin was cast, however.

Deadpool is part of the X-Men universe, and like the previous 'X-Men' movies, it was produced by 20th Century Fox. Fox, however, was a little hesitant to incorporate valuable X-Men characters into the Deadpool universe. Fox provided the producers with a list of potential characters they could use.

No matter what studio produced the film, Stan Lee was sure to make a cameo appearance. He appears in Deadpool as an emcee at a strip club. However, Lee isn't the only notable comic book character to make a cameo. Liefeld, who created Deadpool, also appears in Weasel's bar.

Aficionados of comic books may not know the name, Leslie Uggams. Nonetheless, it was a huge coup when she was cast as Al, Deadpool's blind and bawdy roommate. She has also won an Emmy and a Tony award during her illustrious career.

After learning that a Deadpool film would have to be R-rated, Fox was hesitant about making it. Miller was given a small sum of money in exchange for shooting test footage. In July 2014, that footage leaked online and was greeted with rave reviews. In September, the film was greenlit.

People who star in superhero movies often get in fantastic shape. Reynolds isn't doing much better. Costumes for superhero films often have muscles added to them to make them appear even more impressive. Miller felt Reynolds's lack of a muscle suit gave Deadpool a slimmer appearance more akin to his comics counterpart.

Whatever the case, everyone seemed to be happy with the Deadpool costuming, or maybe they were just glad to finally see the movie. When Reynolds and Miller saw the completed costume, they cried.

Vancouver is often called 'Hollywood North' for its huge number of film projects. And 'Deadpool' wasn't an exception. The film was filmed entirely in Vancouver, with thousands of locals hired to work on it as actors and crew members. Reynolds was also returning home, as he was born and raised in Vancouver.

There is nothing unusual about writers being on set when a movie is being filmed so they can tweak things or pitch alternate jokes. Reese and Wernick weren't paid by Fox for this film. But they weren't ignored. Reynolds paid the writers himself so they could attend.

Fox executives were skeptical and concerned during the development of 'Deadpool' as you may have noticed. In fairness, it was a bold move to make a superhero movie that would be R-rated and meta. A studio executive told the writers that the movie is a combination of 'Ferris Bueller's Day Off' and 'Natural Born Killers,' which the writers pretty much agreed with.

Reynolds was devoted to marketing 'Deadpool,' since he had already experienced the failure of 'Green Lantern.' He spent more than 10 years trying to get a Deadpool movie made. Reynolds was a major part of the marketing even though he didn't have a large budget to work with.

Despite its low budget, Fox gave 'Deadpool' a $58 million budget. It was a gamble that paid off for Fox and Reynolds. 'Deadpool' grossed a staggering $782.6 million worldwide. He became the highest-grossing R-rated movie of all time after becoming the ninth-highest-grossing movie of 2016.  

In addition to making a lot of money, 'Deadpool' also received a lot of positive reviews. There were two Golden Globe nominations, eight MTV Movie Award nominations, and six Teen Choice Award nominations for the movie. These are popular award shows, but it was also nominated by the PGA, DGA, and WGA.

As expected, Reynolds did not have any trouble getting Fox to make a sequel to 'Deadpool'. By the end of 2018, 'Deadpool 2' was in theaters. The budget for this movie was much higher at $110 million, but it was a box-office hit with $785 million. 'Deadpool 2' replaced its predecessor as the highest-grossing R-rated movie ever.

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