Dota 2 Eeu Tour 3 Division I and Division II - Week 2 Overview

Due to the return of Roman 'RAMZES666' Kushnarev to Virtus.Pro, Eastern Europe is among the hottest regions in Dota 2. See our Dota 2 EEU Tour 3 recap.

Even though the team plays under a different tag, they already won their first match, which put them in a good position. When it comes to wins, Natus Vincere had an excellent start. They secured two victories in Division I. This was good news for them since Vladimir 'Noone' Minenko and the rest of the team had to defeat Spirit. 

There were many series we enjoyed watching, and in this review we will tell you more about them. In spite of losing to Outsiders, the newcomers in Division I proved that they are not to be underestimated. Therefore, we weren't surprised to see Vasilii 'AfterLife' Shishkin and the rest defeat Mind Games in their second series.

The first match between these two teams featured an array of exciting heroes. OM picked Pudge for the mid lane, while their opponents picked Zeus. It is true that Zeus is not the best against Pudge, but he worked tremendously well against the other 4 heroes from OM.

MG seems to be happy with their Zeus from game one since they picked him again. Rather than pairing him with PA and Batrider, the team paired him with AA and Faceless Void.

The global ult team combo looked promising on paper, but the heroes lacked enough power to defeat OM's Bristle and IO combo. IO and Bristle have become incredibly popular due to their insane damage. It is almost impossible to kill BB when there is an IO in the game.

In Division one, we can watch Pari Parni play Outsiders. In this match, everyone expected Virtus.Pro to have no issues and win. Despite its success, the series wasn't easy. In the second game of the series, Pari Parni got Invoker and Furion. In line with expectations, the team divided push and prevented their opponents from pushing.

In a 5v5 match, Outsiders got an early lead, but it took the team 55 minutes to win. Lifestealer and Void Spirit were successful in the end, but VP put in extra effort in order to win. 

Both games between these two powerhouses were entertaining, but the first one was more intriguing than the second. It was typical for Na'Vi,m to start well and play aggressively from the beginning. Nine minutes after the game began, Na'Vi gained a 4k lead.

After failing to win a game they should have won, Na'Vi reflected on their playstyle. It was not as dominating as in game one, at least from the start, even though the team was off to a good start. When some of Na'Vi's cores obtained a few items, they became much stronger than TS.

The last series everyone was looking forward to was between MG and BetBoom Team. CIS's team was one of the best performers in ESL One Stockholm 2022, so people expect it to win.

BetBoom Team had an easier time in the second game after they got their hands on Nature's Prophet. Nature's Prophet player Nikita 'Daxak' Kuzmin has proven himself yet again to be one of the best in the world. Kuzmin was the sole contributor to his team's victory.

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