DualSense features to be included in the PS5 F1 22

Codemasters' Racing Simulator F1 22 is one of the most anticipated racing games ever to be released. It will be the fifteenth title in the popular racing franchise and is set for release in just two weeks.

F1 22 has a lot of new additions and next-generation updates that are sure to excite fans even more. Modeling new cars with updated physics, collecting supercars, clothing, accessories, and a whole host of other features make the series a fan favorite.

In F1, 22 you'll find new tracks, features, customizations, and many other things that will surely make this a gaming experience you won't want to miss.

All of these new additions, as well as several next-gen updates, are welcome additions to the game, such as a customizable hub mode and adaptive AI.

F1 22 will not only utilize the dual-stick controller's capabilities but also benefit from PS5's next-gen graphical enhancements.

A PS5 update that uses haptic feedback and adaptive trigger functions to enhance gameplay in F1 22 is the DualSense system. 

Combined with the 'ability to communicate individual chunks of surface debris,' this allows for more of an immersive experience in representing a particular part of the track when a collision occurs.

In contrast, adaptive triggers work when the car 'locks up' under braking. They 'increase resistance through the brake trigger, giving you a more immersive feel.' Additionally, the accelerator trigger is more resistant when wheelspin occurs.'

Players will also be able to hear important track data and information from their race engineer through the controller speaker as another way F1 22 is utilizing DualSense. Through the controller speaker, players can also hear key HUD information.

F1 22's adaptive triggers are a fan favorite for first-person shooter games, but they are also useful in a wide range of other genres. With the controller speaker, haptic feedback, and the different tracks in the game, players are sure to feel more immersed.

Even though players have sometimes experienced bad experiences with DualSense features, all implementations seem to improve gameplay rather than detract from it. F1 22 should follow the same path.

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