Each outpost of the Sea of Thieves is ranked

It's not hard to find some interesting outposts to check out and explore in Sea of Thieves, from Sanctuary to Galleon's Grave. As one of the most unique videogames on the market, Sea of Thieves offers both PvP and PvE encounters in addition to the authentic pirate experience that the game offers.

It's important to know which outposts offer the most benefits to players since they're where players start and end each game session. In each outpost, players will find the same basic items and NPCs, but some will allow players to quickly offload loot, while others will provide more protection from enemies looking to steal the loot.

7 Golden Sands Outpost: In Limbo

There is something strange about Golden Sands Outpost. The outpost had been engulfed in a thick green fog since the end of Season 6, and players who sailed there were disappointed to find the buildings dilapidated and the NPCs disappeared.

However, the good news is on the horizon for this outpost if players cannot earn gold or experience here. On the 9th of July 2022, during the Lost Sands adventure, players were asked to either destroy or rebuild Golden Sands Outpost, and the majority of players chose to rebuild.

6 Dagger Tooth Outpost: Shame About The Parking

Dagger Tooth Outpost has more or less been agreed upon by players as one of the worst places to sell treasure, largely because it is inaccessible. A sunken ship makes it impossible to reach the bay because the island is surrounded by mountains.

To reach the NPCs, players must park on the docks and make the long walk with their treasure chests. The advantage of this is that it gives enemy ships plenty of time to stop players in their tracks.

5 Morrow's Peak Outpost: A Fiery Debate

The only outpost found in the Devil's Roar region of the game is Morrow's Peak Outpost, one of the outliers on this list. There is little choice whether players decide to visit this part of the map or not when they're adventuring in this part of the map, but it is worth considering.

On both the north and south sides of this island, like Dagger Tooth, there are rocks that can snag inexperienced sailors. The factions are also located so far inland that players with heavy loads may find themselves running back and forth for a long time, giving a potential ambush time.

4 Ancient Spire Outpost: The Outpost Next Door

Among the players, this is the point where many of them start looking favorably on the outposts. It is a good option for players seeking to avoid Morrow's Peak as it is located right on the outskirts of the Devil's Roar.

This outpost is less than ideal for players running Athena's Voyages, however. The loot can only be handed in at the tavern of the outpost, which is located on top of a hill and accessed by two ladders that are painful to climb.

3 Sanctuary Outpost: Middle Of The Road

Sanctuary Outpost is the only game on this list that is relatively inclusive of players from all backgrounds. The paradisiacal island can be found in The Shores of Plenty region, with sailors nestling their ships anywhere they like.

2 Galleon's Grave Outpost: A Fine Choice

Galleon's Grave Outpost features two interlocking rock features with a ship resting on top of them, making it one of the most recognizable in the game. Due to their similarly distanced drop-off points, many players debate between Galleon's Grave and Sanctuary as far as its usefulness goes.

This outpost is one of the most popular ones in the game, and as such isn't always the safest option for those unwilling to engage in combat. However, the large rock centerpiece allows players to hide their ships a little more easily.

1 Plunder Outpost: Undisputed Champion Of Booty

The one outpost that is truly deserving of the top spot is Plunder Outpost, which is no surprise. Its name literally means plunder. In this tropical outpost of The Ancient Isles region, players can park at a dock so close they're practically touching it and access a wide, wide-open beach.

Despite the large rock peak that covers the island's rear, gamers can hand in their hard-earned treasures in relative solitude. The outpost is unable to see ships coming from that direction, but a savvy pirate will always keep a watchful eye, leaving it little to be desired.

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